Friday, February 8, 2008

Looking to the Future, With a Smile

I found a message in my Facebook recently from an old high school friend I haven't seen for almost ten years. The picture on his profile was taken at his recent wedding. Beautiful! I'm very happy for him and his new wife.

At 28 years old, several of my friends are already married, in long term relationships, or like me, enjoying life as a singleton. I'm enjoying this time to myself and I'm going to take advantage of that time until I'm ready again to share it with another person.

Sometimes when my thoughts are not encapsulated in work, school, or dancing, I try to imagine what more blessings will come my way. Will I be getting that condo I've been waiting for? Will I get that promotion? Will I ever stop going to school? But I still like to imagine who I'm going to raise my kids with. Are my kids going to look more like me or my husband? I try to imagine the look on my parents' faces when my kids come running in the house I grew up in and jump up to kiss and greet their grandparents.

I smile. I smile and look forward to the future and what blessings it will bring. I've been so blessed thus far and right now, I'm going to enjoy and party as much as possible until then!

People who I've come across with who have kids tell me to enjoy the time I have now as much as possible. Enjoy it before getting married and having kids because there won't be much "me" time. It's all about raising the family well. Imagine that? Smelly diapers, crying kids, husband not listening to you. I don't really like to include those thoughts in my future forecast, but I welcome that too because I know it's not going to be easy.

So until then, live your life to the fullest and take care of "you!" Go out and have fun, try new things, and meet and learn from new people. Don't fear or fathom over what's going to happen later on. It'll come. Just enjoy and welcome the blessings that will come to you.

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